I love the upward ways

to the sun tipped crest of the mountains

High over the billowy world;

Where the wind sings hymns of praise, 

And the snows break into fountains,

And life is a flag unfurled.


These beautiful summer days are flying – and to whoever reading – I hope you are too ….. legs, hearts and minds!   And I wish you strength and lightness of foot and of heart.    Let your lives ‘unfurl’ … and keep a song in your heart.

Now some news:

Earlier this month I made a beautiful 2-day stage race (the Gondo Event) a double marathon over the Simplon Pass – a race created in memory of the inhabitants of Gondo who died during terrible floods during 2000.  I was truly happy to be a part of this race, and to feel again that ‘flying’ feeling, 1st woman, and 4th overall!  Then a quick ‘training’ run around the Tour du Monte Rosa (really a wonderful and special mountain journey) before returning ‘home’ to Scuol for some work.  Now this past weekend (Sunday 22nd) I stopped in Zermatt on route to Chamonix to participate in the Matterhornlauf – another beauty which finishes at the foot of the Matterhorn. Just enough to get my head, heart and legs into race ‘mode’ for the big goal ahead.

Now finally I’m back again in Chamonix to compete in The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc.  It is my 4th participation in the UTMB, having been 1st woman in 2005 and 2008, and 2nd woman in 2009.

For me the motivation to run UTMB is to again, ‘be part of something that is so much more than just the incredible challenge of the race itself.  Every runner, every volunteer and every supporter becomes part of something truly special – the shared passion and dedication make this so much more than just a race – more a shared journey of exploration and endurance within the greater journey of our own life.’

My thoughts about the race ahead: ‘I am truly looking forward to again being part of this experience, and to making what is such a beautiful mountain journey.  Of course I have expectations, but with a race like this anything can happen. So my goal is to run the best that I can, to give as much as I can, and to run with joy inside.  The challenge in this race is to embrace the difficulties it throws at you – to get yourself through any ‘hard moments’ – to keep heart and mind strong – and to keep on running for the pur love of running.’

And the days to come: ‘For me it is important the week before a big race to find some quiet – to allow myself the time and space to prepare physically and mentally, to absorb some of that beautiful energy of the mountains, and to realise how lucky we are just to ‘be’ and to be alive‘.

The ‘wonders’ of modern technology mean that it is possible to follow the race, and to become a part of the experience – wherever you are in the world!

Pre race interview on Trailrunningsoul Part I
Pre race interview on Trailrunningsoul Part II

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