Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.

Spring melts into summer
the days lengthen, and so do the thoughts ….
a time for growth – for doing, for thought, hopes, plans.

A time for living in the moment,
Then we know what it truly is to be rich?

Run – run lightly and run quietly
It’s to do with attention – listening to yourself
And it’s to do with intention – thinking ‘lightly’
Grounding the feet and the body so the spirit can fly …..
Mindful running – graceful, it becomes a work of art, an act of creation.

Why do you run?
Sometimes, and for all of us this is true, we are running away …..
Sometimes we are running to search ….
But if we realise deep down that the truth of our running is that in our running, in our moving,
We ‘find’ ourselves …
Then for us running is the gift that lets us know ourselves deeper.
And then for us, when we loose our way for a time,
our ‘moving’ hindered by a physical injury or a mental disquiet,
It is then that we loose ourselves.

Take some time
just to ‘be’ – and just to ‘be’ in the mountains or in the nature
Draw on the strength you find, use that strength as the core of your ‘movement’.
Run lightly – be light of foot, light of heart and light of spirit.
Lightness – not in the sense of lack of care or of thought.
Lightness as a humility, a realisation that the world is far greater than our own concerns.
Light as a gentleness – both in our relations with eachother, and our impact on our environment.

Be ‘mindful’ then maybe, just maybe, the run will ‘flow’.