But like of each thing that in season grows

For everything there is a time – it gives life depth and vibrance. But sometimes, just sometimes, we wish it were time again for the ‘other time’. Learning to live in and for the moment is not always perhaps the way we want.

15 days ago I woke to the mountains, to a beautiful clear mountain sky, and to the company of friends. Instead of where I had planned to be – waking to an apprehensive breakfast before the 100km World Championships. Learning again to take the time for a while, not to run and not to plan too far ahead.

Walking these days in a winter landscape – how the seasons turn – I have trod this one path in all seasons this year – the cool of early dawn on a summer morning, drenched by pouring rain, the smells of summer, the heat of the sun, then the intensity of autumn colours shocking the senses, and now to this world of white.

A training run that in summer days is just an easy hour or two, clad in shorts and t-shirt …. becomes a day’s occupation, with icy feet and the air cold on your face.

Life is an intensity of emotion and experience.

There is always a time to be happy and a time to be sad. A time to move fast, a time to slow down. A time for cold and a time for warmth. A time to have company and a time to be alone. Chaos or peace; silence or noise; beauty or ugliness; to be in haste or to be at rest; to feast or to fast; to have plenty or to do without. For everything there is an opposite. That is nature. But sometimes, just sometimes, we wish it were time again for the ‘other’.